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Fire Suppression Pool

Without an adequate fire fighting solution in place, your only option is to stand back and watch, or evacuate.

Turn your swimming pool into a fire fighting tool.

Professional fire fighting equipment, in a ‘ready to go’ kit form, to suit your requirements.

A must have if you own a swimming pool and live in a fire prone area.

Be ready to act in a matter of seconds.

Europe-wide delivery.

Portable Motor Pumps

Heavy Duty Motor Pumps

Ready To Go Kits

Hose Attachments


We do not recommend attempting to fight a fire yourself.

Always call the Bombeiros / Fire Brigade have a plan stay safe and be prepared to evacuate.

Should a fire start on your property or is headed your way you may opt to utilise this capability (at your own risk) to attempt to extinguish a fire (if safe to do so) or to wet down your property and perimeter whilst waiting for the Bombeiros to arrive / ahead of evacuation.

Not a full-proof solution and should only be used as a supplement to and not a replacement for already proven fire fighting mitigation or prevention strategies.

Never use water to extinguish an electrical fire.

Never use water to extinguish flammable liquid fire.

Never spray water towards power lines at electrical appliances cables or equipment.

Not guaranteed to put out a fire or save your house.

Not intended to save lives.

Use is entirely at your own risk.